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 ~ SHOGI ~ 

~Associations of Spain ~



Shogi en Espanol


International associations and webs

~ In Spanish.

Shogi Argentina

IGO y Shogi Peru

Shogi Colombia

–  Honduras

Shogi Mexico

# Shogi Ibero-American Coordinator

ASSOCIATIONS~ [In English and other languages]

 ~From Japan ~ 日本 ~ [en japones]

Japanese Association of Shogi [ Nippon Shogi Renmei “NSR” ]
Nihon Shogi Renmei

ISPS: [ International Shogi Popularization Society ]


Rest of the world:

Canada; Vancouver.
Vancouver Shogi Club

 ~ Other – SHOGI ~ 


~Other general links~

# Spain: 

 ~ Official organizations:

Embajada del Japón en España

Fundación Japón (Madrid) España

~ Cultural:

Casa Asia

Centro Cultural Hispano-Japones

~ Other Organizations:

Asia Red

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